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Monday, October 04, 2010

Smoking or losing Weight

Interesting subject

Which would be harder to quit/finish
1. Gaining Weight and losing the weight or 2. Quit smoking

I guess I would go, losing weight, its easier to lose weight than to quit smoking.

What's your view on this subject??

Sunday, July 18, 2010

A must for Mattress Users

Everyone can do this test.

But get yourself a good vac and rip of your sheets off, turn the vac on and start cleaning your mattress, just like you would with the floor inside your home. If you have a clear barrel, You should be able to see the white dust, which is dead skin and dust and also enjoying a few dust mites inside.

If you have a Dyson - GREAT! if not, please check out Dyson's vac's, you can search here

You'll be taken back by the amount of stuff you find from your mattress. NOW REMEMBER YOU BREATH THAT EVERYDAY!!!!

Dust mites hanging around your body?

Dust? dust mites? Do you really know where the living? No you dont!

In the last 3 months i've been trying to target a lot of the dust mites in my house, but it seems like a never ending task.

Here are a few tips and hints I use myself to keep it under control for my allergy.

  1. Wipe clean surfaces that you seem to spend a lot of time around
  2. Get yourself a good vacuum cleaner, Dyson are great machines. Search "Dyson" on http://aussieshopper.info for more information
  3. Wash your bedding at hot temps, cold water will do nothing
  4. try to air your house or rooms out with fresh air in the day time
  5. Where ever there is dead skin, the dust mites will be higher in volume.
Follow these helpful tips and your be on your way to a better nights sleep :)

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Mirvac Hotels & Resorts

I just like share to share some news about a recent stay at a Mirvac Hotel.

A lot of fun, Service was great and the rates were also low. If you would like to check their locations out, please click below :) happy travels

Mirvac Hotels & Resorts

Friday, June 25, 2010

Blog #5 - NHL, Hockey, AFL, FIFA?

So many sports on TV these days, What's your all time best?

Hockey is becoming popular once again, hopefully it goes international like fifa :)

Blog #4 - Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3 - I found the movie ok to watch, number 2 was the best tho, but just thinking if its going to number 4?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Blog #3 - Kevin Rudd

What can I say? Thank you for your work Kevin07.

It was news that would make you stop and listen to the news channel (rare)

He did a lot.

But at the end of the day, People in politics confuse Everyone :)

Blog #2 - Chilli's

When it comes to food, You like to add some kind of spice or extra heat.

A lot of people seem to enjoy chilli flakes in oil, but I find fresh chilli to have so much more heat and taste.

I guess it'll be easier to buy flakes and works out cheaper.

Burn yourself a new hole as they say :) HAHA

Blog # 1 - Welcome

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to my very own “Random Things in Life Blog”

What can I say? I just wanted to create a place I can talk about random idea’s, questions I have about stuff in Life & what things happen.

Best of all, Please enjoy and make comments whenever you like :)